#Day62 - Check your sources

I was a very vocal Hillary supporter. I felt it was my duty, as the attacks on her character were endless and endlessly confusing. I heard crazy stories about Hillary having women assassinated while she was Secretary of State, claims I had never heard before and was shocked by.
Each time a Bernie supporting friend would attack her on Benghazi, which the 800+ hours of hearings determined was not her fault, or claimed she ruthlessly attacked other countries while Secretary of State, I would start researching for the truth. A truth that was impossible to find, as it wasn’t the truth. 

As is becoming transparently clear now, thanks to great investigative journalism from the Huffington Post and Rachel Maddow, we, the progressive people, were pitted against each other by foreign entities, most likely Russia.
Bernie supporters were fed just believable enough news about Hillary Clinton that Hillary Clinton supporters never saw.
It was quite effective as it caused in fighting, which, by the way, is still going on in smaller doses…just imagine if we didn’t have a common enemy.
Also imagine if Russia wasn’t controlling our minds and Bernie supporters weren’t reading fiction about Hillary Clinton and, instead were able to get excited about her like Hillary supporters got excited about Barack Obama. I know what you’re thinking, it was easy to get excited about Barack Obama, he was so inspiring.
With that assumption and I know I’m making a big assumption, I will remind you as it is my duty, that Hillary Clinton was and remains that most experienced Presidential candidate in our history.
For 30 years the GOP spent hundreds of millions of dollars to defame her. For 30 years she withstood the vitriol and hate because she believes that she is on earth to do all the good she can, for as many people as she can, for however long that she can. Remember when she put ego aside and went to work for Barack Obama after a very nasty loss. Remember that she was pivotal in helping 8 million children receive healthcare before there was ever a healthcare bill.
Remember she fought for us. For women, for child, for all Americans.

She said it first and she said it often.

 I know it know longer matters as she is not our President, our candidate, nor is she running again and nor is she running for Mayor of New York (check your sources).
We are still susceptible to their influence and we need to be aware of who our provides news. If the Ads show photos of people with boils or talk about traitorous trump’s IQ, or his families, it is not REAL NEWS.
It's important to recognize the effectiveness of these cyber attacks. They got into our psyches and they divided us. They designed it for us to not be able to work together.
This is why I repeated say, we need to know and live our values, as we are humanitarians and conservationists. We vote for the whole of America and with that grounding, we will be stronger against cyber attacks and will find it easier to support a range of progressive candidates.

You can do the digging as the facts are becoming clear and as Rachel Maddow said last night, it’s still happening. These sites and bots still exist.
It well worth your time to watch Rachel Maddow’s show from last evening for the details.

As a Republican Congressman from I don’t remember told NBC reporters that he is voting NO on Trumpcare because he had 235 constituents call against the repeal and 4 call for the repeal.
We’re dialing for our lives and for the lives of our brothers and sisters.


1. Call your Congressperson and say NO to trumpcare. Less than 1 minute of your time. 

2. Call your Senators and ask that they POSTPONE THE GORSUCH VOTE during Russian investigations.

And if there is a vote, NO WAY on GORSUCH.

He repeatedly sides with corporations. That’s what got us here to begin with. Holy hell.

This means an open-door (fully transparent) bi-partisan investigation not an investigation by congressional committees, which is what we currently have. We cannot depend on the GOP to be unbiased, especially after they spent Monday going after the leakers and not focusing on the investigation.


We are #strongertogether. The regime will topple. It's happening right this very moment. Slowly but surely. At least that's what I'm hoping.

Love and gratitude to you -

:: genessa