A Good Friday


I'm feeling gushy this morning. It's Friday. Another wild ride of weirdness is winding down. Phew.

And there is much good -

  • Moonlight is still the Best Picture.
  • When We Rise premiered on National Television. 
  • George W is back on the scene and adored by everybody. Hindsight is so funny. 
  • The Obamas closed a ridiculously large book deal which I'm certain they will use the proceeds for good. 
  • The Regime continues to lie and obfuscate and yet, the truth comes out. Thank you Washington Post.
  • Racists will crumble.
  • Crooks will be caught.
  • Obamacare will prevail.
  • We will right the wrongs.

Yes, we still have endless work to do, which is what it is.

And I woke this morning with my heart is bursting with love and appreciation for you.

You, the warrior of love, truth, honesty, humanity, possibility, goodness. 

You, the upstanding citizen, green card holder, immigrant.

You, old and new friends and strangers who talk on the street.

You, who values black lives, women lives, immigrants lives, science, water, earth, mother, bears, wolves, dogs, cats and kindness.

You, who has decided our voices together are stronger, that we the people, matter more than anything else.

I am exulted by you. 

The focus remains - Russia. Taxes. Jeff Sessions. 2018.

1. Keeping calling your Senators about Russia, Taxes and Jeff Sessions. 

Demand an independent investigation. Sally Yeats could do it.
Demand trump release his tax returns. Demand Jeff Sessions resign. 

2. DONATE to Jon Ossoff. Or Volunteer. Turn Georgia blue.

3. TRACK what seats are up in 2018. All of the House. Boy Bye Lyin' Ryan. Please make it true. 25 Senators. 17 Governors. Are they in your state? Who's running? Help educate us. 

ACLU. Greenpeace. Earth Justice. Standing Rock. Planned Parenthood. Ocean Conservatory. Humane Society. Reel Grrls. Trevor Project. Everytown for Gun Safety. Human Rights Campaign. And so on...

5. SUPPORT NEWS YOU VALUE. Lately, I can't stop buying young people subscriptions to Teen Vogue. 


We are the majority. We are the lovers. We are the truth sayers. We are the beacons of light, hope, possibility, perseverance. We're here. We're queer. Get used to it.