Yes We Care.

Only to the degree that people are unsettled is there any hope for them.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the last month or so, my Easy Activism encouragement has been waning. I've been adhering to the adage "if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all." That and a bit of an activism block has made it rather difficult to write or produce anything connecting and positive.


Donald Trump is an exhausting moron. The light in his eyes is dim, barely on. He made a Faustian deal with the devil Putin and we're all suffering through it. Think about how much better his life would have been if he'd lost. This job will be the death of him. We have to make sure it's not the death of us. That is an exhausting task and, yet, there is no rest for the weary. I never realized the truth of this saying until these last 4 months and 10 days.


Our job is clear and simply. Save Democracy. Save the Environment. Save Education. Revolutionize Healthcare. Value the Truth. Stay awake. Stay vigilant. Be flexible. Love ourselves. Love our brothers and sisters.  Again, exhausting. And needed. 


I will not accept the cheaters, liars, greeders, bigots, racists, homophobes and haters are sitting in seats of power.


I will do whatever I can to take them ALL DOWN.


I don't care who topples next as long as they topple. Who will it be? The criminally unethical Jared Kushner who funded real estate projects with government money allotted for low income people. The hyper bigoted KKK loving Jeff Sessions. The incompetent and clueless Betsy DeVos. The soulless pretty boy Paul Ryan. The schlong swallowing Mitch McConnell. Or big Donny the Conny who may self implode before we have a chance to nab him. I don't care which way he goes as long as he gone. 


So, together as we march forward through the swamp scum to save our democracy, humanity and earth -



1. Call your representatives about Jeff Sessions, he perjured himself multiple times. He lied about his meetings with Russia. Perjury is a crime. He is not above the law just because he is the law. It's time for him to go before he imprisons and deports every person of color in our country. Call your Senators. Hold Jeff Sessions accountable. 



2. The Paris Climate Agreement. Who knows what Donny will decide in the next couple of hours about our one precious mother earth. Whoever gets to him last wins his opinion so let's hope it's Ivanka. If he pulls us out, our job is to take to the streets in MASSIVE PROTEST. If we don't have a healthy earth, we have nothing. Until then, call the White House 202.456.1111 and leave a message. Tweet at him @RealDonaldTrump. No need to reference Cavfefe. We know that means the end is near. Just who's end will it be?


3. Jon Ossoff - let's flip the sixth and get him elected. Phone bank. Donate. Talk about it in your social feeds. The only way through is winning more seats than the greeders. Flipping the sixth is a great way to start.

Phone bank in Seattle by my dear friend Shoba. Details found here.  

Or go to to volunteer, donate, spread the word. 


4. Show up and protest - wherever you are.

Today in Seattle - The Unacceptable Day of Mourning at City Hall from 9am - 3pm. We will be ringing the gong for the over 11,000 homeless people living in one of the wealthiest cities in America. We can solve this problem.


June 3 - March for Truth


June 11 - Equality March for LGBTQ rights. I'm helping to organize the Seattle March. Would love to see you all there - 11am Cal Anderson Park / Bobby Morris Playfield.


5. Go see Wonder Woman. 


6. Share with friends and ask them to join the Easy Activism movement at


In gratitude and love. Together we will.

:: genessa