Gather and conquer


Last night approximately thirty neighbors gathered in a local community center to write postcards for the Ides of Trump event.

We wrote to Presidents' Bannon & little donny, the members of Congress and our representatives. We wrote pleas for sensible governing and thank you notes to those standing up for our democracy.

We laughed imagining the various scenarios of our postcards arriving at the White House including interns reading the mail, calling us snowflakes and libtards and shredding our pleas to the regime to care for all people of our already great country. 

We gathered in politically active community and regardless of what happens to the millions (I hope!) of postcards arriving from all over our country, we felt better. Action feels better. Being together feels better. 

It always good to be in community. Longevity experts say having a strong community is a leading factor in living a long and healthy life. Face to face community, not virtual. Physical gatherings. 

Being in community while doing good for our country, for our fellow citizens, for our families, for our communities,

I have to say, nothing feels quite as good as that.

I left feeling buoyed.
Feeling nourished by my neighbors.
Feeling inspired by the women who organized the event and feeling in hope for our future. 

I felt in love and in belief that together we will continue to gather and conquer this regime.

I know we will. I know we can. I believe in the power of us.



1. CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES - SENATORS AND CONGRESS PEOPLE ABOUT THE HORRIBLE HEALTHCARE BILL & CALL IT TRUMPCARE (this is the one thing he explicitly said he doesn't want named after him. Ironic isn't it?)

The Republican repeal bill already passed through two committee votes in the House of Representatives last week, and is expected to pass through more this week.
A vote by the full House is expected as early as the end of next week.
In order to stop this bill, we need 21 Republicans and all Democrats to oppose it. Right now, only 8 Republicans are on record in oppositionWe need more votes.
14 million Americans will lose their insurance by 2018. We know those families. 24 million Americans will lose their insurance by 2024. That's 4 million more Americans than gained insurance through Obamacare.

Bannon's White House is attacking the bill and Paul Ryan so maybe they self destruct. Breitbart is actively slamming the billing and Ryan. Nevertheless, WE PERSIST.


a) While you're on the phone with them, keep mentioning taxes, Russia and Jeff Sessions resignation.

2. STEVE KING (R - IA) ADMITTED TO BEING A WHITE SUPREMACIST. Call his office and demand his resignation. 202.225.4426

Call Paul Ryan (202) 225-3031 and demand Steve King's resignation. While on the phone with Ryan's office, tell them you don't support TrumpCare and it's a terrible bill. All Americans deserve healthcare. We want his healthcare.

3. CALL YOUR CONGRESS PERSON AND URGE THEM TO VOTE NO ON H.R. 861 which will destroy the EPA quicker than Scott Pruitt.

Then call Scott Pruitt (202) 564-4700 and tell him Climate Science is real and profits over our environment is corrupt.

SCRIPT:  "I urge you to vote no on H.R. 861, “To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency.” The EPA is essential for protecting our environment. If it were eliminated, we’d lose important safeguards for our air, water, and climate. Please stand up for our environment by opposing this bill."


Rep Jamie Raskin speaks the truth on the GOP craziness. 
Flash mobs all over Sweden marking International Women's Day. And I can't get enough of this song!

We are stronger together, much stronger together. And it's not us vs them even though it feels that way and I often position that way. It's all of US together.

Together we don't divide. Together we gather. We gather and conquer the corruption. We conquer the greed. We invigorate the LOVE, HOPE, AND GOODNESS of  people and our country.

Together we can.



In love and gratitude -

:: Genessa