Keep watching as things are accelerating


Remember how time was moving after Nov 9th? Well, it seems to be speeding up. Accelerating even. Perhaps it's coming off the rails sometime soon.

There's just so much happening and so many good people who uncovering and analyzing the details that I'm going to avoid a recap and encourage you to watch Rachel Maddow 9pm EST on MSNBC or online, follow Louise Mensch on twitter and follow Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin on Facebook. Three brilliant minds guiding our resistance. 

Since it's Friday, I like to conclude the week with gratitude for the good. We all know there's been plenty of crazy happening and it will continue to play out. We also know Friday's in trumpville are extra insane so good news goes a long way.

Judges in Hawaii and Maryland once again fend off the discriminatory #MuslimBan. trumpy is appealing the Maryland court. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

Maddow, always Maddow. Many were disappointed in Rachel's tweet about taxes and then only having two pages of a relatively good 1040. So, she tweeted she had "trump tax return" and then didn't immediately topple the regime. Disappointing I know. Facts are Maddow is staying on the Russia story, following the money trail, asking the right questions like nobody's business. She's heroic and I for one tune in every night at 6pm, just like my grandparents used to do, to watch the evening news. She's got it going on!

What do you think happened in the Senate Intelligence Committee meeting with Comey?!! These two came out visibly rattled. I'm hopeful that there is something so egregious that the regime topples and they all end up in jail. So hard to know. Click the photo to watch the video. Feinstein and Grassley are totally freaked.

Such a huge relief to see that the Dutch victory. 82% of eligible voters voted. Record numbers to topple hatred. If 82% of Americans voted, we would be a VERY progressive, innovative, energy efficient, equality oriented country. And we'd be so bored by the wonkishness of our first female President. Oh what I'd give to be bored.

Representative Jessica Farrar from Houston introduced a bill in Texas congress that would fine men $100 for masturbating as an act against an unborn child. Isn't she spectacular?! Make it personal to drive the point home. Bravo!

THERE WAS NO WIRETAPPING. Of course Spicy keeps saying something happened. And trumpy can't stop saying it but you know, he's unstable. Every GOP fool is now confirming that there was no evidence of wiretapping. Andy Borowitz wrote the funniest piece on it. It's well worth a minute of your time as we enter the weekend.


Love and light to you friends. Restore. Revitalize and get ready to dial on Monday. It's always about Russia and taxes and we'll be mentioning the budget, healthcare and Gorsuch in there too.

Big Comey showdown on Monday. Rest up.



Deepest of gratitude to you!

:: Genessa